5 things you can do to better your online marketing

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Online marketing is no rocket science; however it takes into account a lot of variables that influence visitor/ reader behaviour. A good marketing strategy can fail if you do not keep the following in mind. If you can stick to the rules of the game, you can save a lot in money and resources and make your marketing buck get you better results.

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A lot goes into creating a digital marketing strategy and this is just a small list of how you can initiate a good marketing plan.


  1. Website: I am sure your website has great UX and navigation, however, is it great from your perspective or from the visitor perspective? Get a thinking cap on and analyse. If we want to sell something, you should be speaking in the listener’s language. I, for one, do an audience research before freezing on a website design.
  2. Audit: Is your website lean and clean. How does it come on Google Page Speed tool? Do all your pages have Meta tags? Are there any coding errors that exist, but are not resolving while using the website. All these can be show-stoppers for your organic marketing plan. In short get a website audit I keep getting this done on a quarterly basis, since most of my websites are dynamic and it keeps creating dynamic urls.
  3. Content: Though pictures speak louder than words, words speak louder when it comes to organic digital marketing. Ensure that your content is crisp, of good quality, rid of grammatical and spelling errors, keyword rich and creates an interactive understanding the visitor. It should NOT be Shakespearean, only understandable for 8th If you need help here, get in touch. Content seems simple, again it has a lot of variables derived from visitor interaction. For me, the objective is to make the visitor take action.
  4. Keyword Research: This is very important step and should precede your content building exercise. The keywords have to be spot on. If you feel that there is too much competition, you can fall back on a few long-tail keywords and begin the show. Ensure that you and your marketing agency are on the same page on this one. For me, I do it even before I begin building a website (to weave them into the code).
  5. Compliance: In the organic digital marketing parlance, compliance defines your website’s indexability as per the search engine algorithm rules. These keep changing with updates. Keeping track of these updates and ensuring compliance through requisite changes is the way to go. For me, I am updated mostly, so I do not do anything to game spider behavior, honestly, honesty is the best policy.

Again remember that no two websites are marketed the same way. There has to some online marketing strategy that needs to be followed. The strategy should depend on your vision and mission, product or service, niche, competition and compliance. So, please do take a deep dive into the strategy and keep in mind that the objective of an online marketing exercise is not to game the search engines but to ensure that we comply and raise in rankings.

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

VP - Global Marketing at Etradex
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Anil Kumar
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