Pre-Development Consultancy - Once you get in touch with us, we will set up an appointment to discuss your requirements, aesthetic expectations and budget. In this phase, we will have detailed discussions to understand your business, business processes, the role of the proposed website and the needs it will fulfill. Post, we will propose a solution subject to discussions. At this point, we will freeze the development cycle with timelines and terms.



Development Process Consultancy - Once the development process begins, we will have a lot of questions to ask regarding specific needs at critical points. Integrating you requirements being the objective, we will need timely and pointed inputs from time to time. Additionally, we would also need feedback on the design touch points to ensure that it matches your existing branding. We would suggest you give us a go-to executive who has an understanding of your needs and requirements.

Pre-Marketing Consultancy - Digital marketing is one of the key needs of any business today. Depending on what you want to achieve with your web presence, and detailed discussions, we will build a custom online marketing strategy. Once done and tweaked by discussions, we will freeze the execution plan will all terms and conditions. This done, it is time to showcase your website to the world, get visitors and potential customers that will convert to leads and customers.

Web Consultancy


Marketing Process Consultancy - Online marketing process is different from the traditional version and while executing a pre-planned strategy, there could be a need for small tweaks. We continuously monitor the execution efforts and need for tweaks arises from search engine updates, policy changes, and many other aspects. Since transparency is our forte, we will get back to you with the tweak and the reasons for the need.This will be the time to analyse and make a decision as quickly as possible.

Reporting and Analytics - Having a marketing plan is not enough. Executing it on a schedule and monitoring it continuously is an all important factor. While we monitor the entire process on a day to day basis, it is our responsibility to provide and comprehensive report to you on a set schedule. The schedule could be weekly or monthly according to your choosing. This reporting will also be a key factor to ensure smooth running as well as a benchmark that can be used to make changes to the strategy if you think fit.