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October 28, 2015 Anil Kumar No comments exist

You already have a digital footprint (a.k.a a website) or looking forward to creating one. This could be to fulfill the gaps in your business processes or to enhance your market globally or even create an entirely new business.

Either way, it would take a lot of knowledge, ability and of course, a set of completely different marketing skills to create, deploy and market your online business. At this stage, you may decide to put all your eggs in one basket or distribute them across. Putting all your eggs in a single basket is no-good, however, in the case of digital expertise and online marketing, it is time-tested wisdom to have a single point of contact to deploy the entire process, strategically and execute with precision.

Why and how is it wise, is something that we can discuss and bring together a transparent strategy with proven statistics and analytics. We can bring a lot of value to the table, if only you can give us an opportunity to discuss and explore.

Let us get one thing out-of-the-way – we are not looking for your business, we are looking at forging partnerships that can shape a better future, for you and for us.

Our understanding is that our success is linked with yours and so we look at a way forward together.

Anil Kumar

#GrowthMarketer, #Innovator, #Entrepreneur, #Influencer, #Author by choice, #DigitalMarketer, #CEO and #Consultant for a living. My passion is in the detail...

As an experienced digital marketer, I look for a perfect blend of web, inbound and social marketing. Reaching a customer effectively by converting him into a customer is the objective. I believe in training and coaching my peers and juniors, since it enhances my own understanding and fortifies strategies through discussions and arguments. Pursuing my training or other numerous (range from cooking to para-jumping) hobbies, I am motivated by such pursuits which enables me to imbibe a lot of unwritten experience that I use in my profession.

In all my initiatives, my ideas are well supported by a capable and dedicated teams that build, execute and maintain planned development and marketing strategies.

Being an entrepreneur, I am always into a new business; however, I’m not new to business. I have marketed for a plethora of websites, helped build countless websites and helped online rock stars from all walks of life to label, brand, and market themselves. Still, the adolescent adrenaline-driven at heart, I have always been driven by my best friends – hope, determination and fear which I think every entrepreneur should keep close to heart.

Watching a teenage sensation create records of sorts, does not, for me, come close in terms of satisfaction, to the happiness of the little girl of a poor father who has bought home a Barbie made affordable through a coupon or a deal, otherwise ill-affordable. To my belief, my efforts at digital marketing create many such small pockets of joy across the demography. This belief, is what drives me and I am in my best element working with my colleagues, customers and providers who share my endeavor. I believe and expect that they contribute value to the society through which the world sees value in any business.
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