Digital Marketing Strategy

Just web design and development is not the end of it, marketing is just as essential for online success. Digital marketing strategies and execution are starkly different from traditional practices, not to mention their extreme dynamism. Effective internet marketing strategies use tactics that are highly measurable and more often than not, they would need changing quickly in line with the search engine algorithm changes. Owing to these characteristics, a digital marketing strategy should be frozen upon with alternatives every now and then but should be flexible enough to change as required, quickly. The right cog in the right wheel at the right time is what works best. We understand that every niche requires a different digital marketing strategy, depending on the target audience and we are adept at customising strategies that can adapt to the needs of the hour.



Content Marketing

Content is the key and fodder for executing effective digital marketing strategies. Well written content is the raw material and forms the foundation of search engine rankings. We have been executing content creation, and distribution marketing services for over a decade and understand the finer nuances of creating and presenting content to visitors, to convert, as well as search engines, to index. If "content is king", we are the king-makers for many clients across the globe. Do remember, content is the crux of any digital marketing strategy, and can make or break your marketing efforts, online. 

Pay Per Click Marketing

The best way to create awareness about your website is to advertise it at places where you can find prospects. Pay per click marketing is an integral part of digital marketing strategy and is one of the most effective internet marketing tools. Google Adwords is one of the best ppc marketing tools that can be leveraged to create awareness quickly for new websites. Though it sounds easy, creating a ppc campaign as a part of the existing digital marketing strategy and ensuring that it is delivered to the right audience is a tough cookie. With ruthless competition, you will need to choose an experienced team like ours to plan and execute a ppc campaign. Right display, right place, right time and correct placement are critical to such campaigns. After all, you will be spending money and would expect to get the best bang out of your buck. 



Social Media Marketing

With the tremendous growth of social media and smartphones ruling the internet connection numbers, you should integrate social media marketing into your digital marketing strategy. Social media, without a doubt, is one of the best channels to market your website. The ease of getting brand messages across and creating brand recognition are the main objectives of marketing on such channels. The challenge is, not all social media channels are created equal and marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and LinkedIn requires a lot more experience, insight and a different digital marketing strategy that just posting blindly and waiting for some magic. With an effective digital marketing strategy, we have experience in creating campaigns with objectives for different social channels that will bring success to the table.

Video Marketing

Video marketing works best for certain niches and does not work at all for some. So, making video marketing a part of your digital marketing strategy is essential depending on the big picture. For example, video marketing is not for grocery selling on eCommerce websites, however, it takes the front seat for celebrity websites and fashion apparel. Many websites make the best use of video marketing channels like YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion, however, it has to be created and delivered with a special skill-set. Effective digital marketing strategies use such channels with a lot of focus and creativity. If you think video marketing works for you, we are the team, that can create the strategy and execute it to result-driven perfection.


Reporting and Analytics

Creating a digital marketing strategy and executing it perfectly is one aspect of things. Finding out if it is working as it is intended to is quite another. This is where web analytics takes the front-seat. Real-time data, data mining capabilities, keyword statistics, conversion sources, traffic behavior and heat maps are the most important aspects that need to be studied periodically. We use tools like Google Analytics, Woopra, Clicky, Spring Metrics, Rank Ranger, Ahrefs and many others to study the results of executed marketing efforts as a part of our digital marketing strategy and fine tune it further to get the best results for your campaigns.