Web Design Prelude

Web design should also keep in mind internet marketing strategies that could be pursued post-development. Therefore, once you get in touch with us, our development and marketing experts will set up an appointment to discuss your requirements, aesthetic expectations, future plans, and budget. In this phase, we will discuss to understand your business, business processes, the role of the proposed website and the needs it will fulfill, and the methods to market it in great detail. It will also involve predicting your post development needs (maintenance, upgrades, marketing etc.) and the way ahead with costs and expectations. Post this process, we will send you a fully documented solution that will include development as well as marketing, as per our understanding, subject to changes from your end. Once the document is frozen, we can freeze the development cycle with timelines, costs, and terms subject to your approval.

internet marketing strategiesThe objective is to ensure that we are be sailing on the same boat on the expectation perspective before we jump into an SLA/contract.

Who is a Web Design Consultant and Why do you need one?

internet marketing strategies

We make a difference by adding value through continuous hand-holding consultancy support, not offered by most other web development agencies.

How does a Web Development Company help?

Web Development Process

Once we enter the development process, our development team would have many questions to ask with respect to specific needs at critical points that could include design, functionality or even user experience. Integrating your online marketing requirements would also be a major objective, and we will need timely and pointed inputs frequently. Unless we consider marketing from day one, the development cycle could take a different track. Additionally, our consultants would expect feedback on the certain touch points in order to ensure that it matches your existing branding or newly formulated branding needs. We would suggest you assign a single go-to executive who has a deep understanding of your needs and requirements. This would facilitate smoother development cycle in addition to understanding the requirement or last-minute changes better. It is advisable that the go-to thus chosen should have a fair idea of result expectations from the exercise.

Pre-Marketing Planning

Post-development, formulation of internet marketing strategies become the key need of any business. Depending on the goals you want to achieve with your web presence, and detailed discussions, our consultants will build a custom online marketing strategy for you. In this process which will be tagged with continuous discussions, we will formulate a set of internet marketing strategies from which you can choose from. All of them will come with complete expectation markers and documentation. Once you go through and choose one of them, and approve the same we will freeze the execution plan with all terms, costs, and conditions post discussions. Marketing is the key to online success and just having a website will not get your business, results. Focusing on value addition as a part of the impending marketing exercise would be a good idea. As you may already know, any of the internet marketing strategies you choose will take some time to resolve and beget results. We believe, for any online marketing strategies to show results, we should give it at least three to six months. Which means patience is the key to long-term success when marketing your website.

internet marketing strategiesIt is time to showcase your website to the world, get visitors and leads that will convert to customers.

A Digital Marketing Consultant is the need of the hour?

internet marketing strategiesThe decision for or against the proposed tweak will be time-sensitive, on a roller-coaster mode.

Marketing Agency – Improving your efforts for better business

Internet Marketing Strategies

Using an effective digital marketing strategy is quite different from the traditional marketing strategy and practice in the sense that it involves deep analytics and observation in real-time. For starters, it is much inexpensive and gives accurate insights continuously into what is working and what is not. Moreover, you will be addressing a global audience instead of a local one, thus increasing your reach to markets hitherto unknown. While executing any of the pre-planned internet marketing strategies, there could be a need for small tweaks that could work in favor by improving leads and conversions. These could happen in real-time and we together will be required to act immediately. Our marketing consultants continuously monitor the execution effort and need for such tweaks may arise from channel performance, budgets, conversion rates on the analytics end or search engine updates, policy changes, and other aspects on the holistic end. Since transparency is our forte, we will immediately advise you about the recommended tweaks and the reasons for it. We would expect you to act quickly on these.

Reporting and Analytics

Having an internet marketing strategy is only 10% of the work done. Executing it on a schedule and monitoring it continuously is THE all important factor. While our internet marketing consultants monitor the entire process in real-time, the need for certain information becomes critical, more so since analytics tools take time to resolve the data. Though the onus is on us to provide a comprehensive report to you on a set schedule, the dates could be slightly in the past. The reporting schedule can be of your choosing - weekly or monthly. These reports will consist of basic analytics concerning traffic, conversions, the buzz created and other factors that will define the road ahead. This reporting is a key factor and will go a long way in ensuring smooth execution and keeping us on the same boat in addition to benchmarking the process for later use.

internet marketing strategies

All internet marketing strategies offer deep analytics that would come in handy to ascertain and map the right strategy depending on user behavior.
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