A Digital marketing consultant is the need of the hour

A business needs marketing to drive sales and there is no denying the importance of the process. You may have taken your business online and have the best team in place to maintain it, however, did you know that marketing online is an entirely different ballgame. If you are not aware of online marketing, it is always advisable to opt for the services of an expert digital marketing consultant.

Yes, traditional and online marketing processes are entirely different but have the same objective –sales. Let us look at a comparison:

  1. Market Exposure: A traditional marketing exercise like a TV advertisement, a newspaper advertisement or a billboard can get you a lot of exposure, but can you measure it to perfection? No, you cannot. Taking it further, if you acquire a customer as a result of a billboard campaign, you cannot pin-pointedly assume that a particular billboard generated the business. In this case, you cannot fine tune your marketing strategy for future. In case of online marketing, everything is measurable. You can exactly pinpoint the impression from where the customer has come to your website, making it an important statistic to plan your future marketing campaigns.
  2. Cost of marketing: Traditional marketing channels are highly expensive and the prices are going up by the day. So, a return on investment can be quite low, irrespective of the spend. In this mode, you can only sell products or services that are very high in demand and you probably have an insane market share to make the ROI viable. Comparatively, online marketing costs much less and have a better ROI especially for normal products and services needed in the market. The icing on the cake is that in paid search marketing you only pay for a visitor who has visited your website. Whereas in the traditional mode, you pay whether you have a customer or not.
  3. Reach: You will need to keep in mind that the reach of local traditional marketing is limited to a city, state or a country and the budgets will grow leaps and bounds the moment you want to extend it elsewhere. However, online marketing is designed to address a global audience and contrastingly, you can cut down your reach by city or state depending on the requirement. The lower geographical area you target, the more bang for your buck, in case of internet marketing. This is a great advantage and you can actually extend your reach anytime you want to in less than 30 seconds. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures a consistent branding across the marketing campaigns.
  4. Marketing strategy: In case of traditional marketing practices, it is very difficult to come up with a workable marketing strategy even after two or three iterations due to lack of performance data. Moreover, by the time you arrive at a strategy, you have already burned the entire marketing budget. In case of online marketing, availability of real-time data empowers you to use the marketing budget in a more effective manner since you can change, stop or pause the campaign anytime you want to, just by looking at results or the lack of them. A digital marketing consultant worth his salt and having your best results at heart will all always advise you to test and spend and not vice-versa.
  5. Need for a digital marketing consultant: When you intend to use your website as sales funnel and want to get some marketing done, it is always wise to choose the right digital marketing consultant. The reason is that a team will end up costing more than the marketing budget for smaller businesses. Moreover, online marketers are a strange creed and it is difficult to assess their expertise without you being a master at it. When you choose a marketing consultant, it will not only reduce costs but you will also be making effective use of your internet marketing budget.
  6. Choosing the right digital marketing consultant: There are many marketing consultants in the market, however choosing the right one can be very critical to your business needs. First, you will need to assess their marketing prowess by interviewing them. Second, you will have to explain what you want to achieve and get an approximate blueprint as to how they can achieve it for you. Third, discussing the cost factor and reporting logistics is very critical to the entire exercise. Of course, we can go on discussing this. We will soon be putting up a guide on our blog as to how to go about choosing the right digital marketing consultant.

The above pointers are not the only advantages of choosing to outsource your online marketing requirement to a digital marketing consultant or an agency. The best advantage is that they will be shouldering the responsibility of your marketing targets by ensuring that each opportunity is made use of and you can go back your core-competence of running your business.

An effective digital marketing strategy from a good consultant will help you grow online without having to understand the technicalities of handling a campaign by yourself. The only responsibility you need to take is to choose right agency to handle your business.

You can email us or talk to us today about your internet marketing requirements. We will be happy to get across a free quote after a discussion with you and put you on the right path to grow your business substantially.