Marketing Consultancy – Improving your efforts for better business

Marketing, as we see it is more of an art than a science. It is the art of studying the visitor psyche and adjusting the efforts in such a manner that the website gets maximum eyeballs while the budget does not go through the roof. It is the art of the fine balance between the audience interest and our efforts. It is a science only to the extent of planning and execution. A marketing consultancy plays a major part in evolving the entire strategy, executing it and applying analytics.

The challenge with online or internet marketing today is that most agencies have a blueprint that they follow for every client they come across, talk about volumes, execute it and cross their fingers that it works. However, they ultimately lose out on clients due to lack of results. Online marketing essentially consists of elements that are only tools to create awareness and attract visitors. They are – paid search marketing [search engine marketing or SEM], content marketing, social media marketing [SMM] and video marketing. Let us look at how we, as a marketing consultancy, tackle these on a niche based strategy.

AS a first step, we undertake an audience or visitor analysis to understand the demographics of the market for the product or service on hand.

Paid search marketing

Also known as search engine marketing or SEM, many consultancies stick to the age old advertising medium, which is Google Adwords. However, Bing and Yahoo also offer paid search advertising and LinkedIn and FaceBook are the new kids on the block. Depending on the niche or the product/ service, we first assess the audience profile to understand where they would hang out. Depending on the results, we can determine where we should place the advertisements using Adwords and take a call on LinkedIn and Facebook paid advertising.

For example, if you are selling a smart phone, you could place the advertisement on all platforms. However, if you are selling a smart intercom system, the advertisement would be more relevant on technology websites, office supply websites and LinkedIn. Another issue is that most marketing agencies make the mistake of using keywords used on the client website to create advertisements. We take a different track altogether, you can talk to us for ideas depending on the niche.

Content Marketing

Content is the fodder for marketing and it is obvious that using the best raw material will ensure the best end product. The very reason why the content used should be top notch. We have honed our skills in content a long time ago and we do not compromise on quality at any cost. Content is very important since, in an online scenario, it is the only element that will ascertain visitor interest since you are unable to talk to a customer across the table. It should add value to the reader and at the same time market the product or service in between the lines.

Our content is quite different from what most agencies churn out. Agencies normally churn out sales text which in the present online scenario turns off the interest. Simply, the audience has had too much of it. Our content is created from the perspective of evincing interest, informing the reader and thus creating an interest to understand or know more. As a leading marketing consultancy, we have over 15 years of content creation experience in line with search engine algorithms.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken off in the last few years and it has only recently started with paid advertising. As a marketing consultancy, it is essential to assess what works on social media in a particular niche before venturing into paid advertising or even boosting posts. Recently, we published a blog post about how to post on FaceBook, do check it out when you have time.

We have done a lot of research on social media in addition to executing score of marketing campaigns on them. The collective experience comes into play when we undertake social media marketing for you.

Video Marketing

When we speak of video marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. YouTube is not only the first video platform on the internet; it is also an example of prime marketing. In fact, there are many other video marketing websites like DailyMotion, Vimeo etc. but in terms of usage figures, they are nowhere near YouTube, at least not yet.

When we look at video marketing, we look at the requirements of the niche and figure out if we should use it at all. If we do need to use it, we analyze what kind of videos work for your niche. As a next step, we figure out a storyline to tell the visitors and break it down into short video clips to keep the visitor interest.

The next step would be to create the videos and publish them as per a set timeline to get the best results.

Process Analytics

It is as important to track the progress of a marketing exercise as it is to execute it. We track the progress on a daily basis using various tools and ensure that we get the requisite results. If the results are not as expected, we take a deep dive to understand where we are going wrong. Once the lacuna is identified, we ensure that we plug it with the next best option available. Our general reporting schedule is once a week and we ensure that we stick to the timetable always.

To put the entire conversation into a nutshell, we are a marketing consultancy that takes more variables into consideration in every mode of marketing. Attention to detail, quality of fodder and sticking to a timetable like a clock are what we excel at.

Do take some time to talk to us for your online marketing requirement, we will be happy to have the conversation as per your convenience.