Web design consultancy – Why do you need it?

Pre-Development Consultancy or web design consultancy is the process of ascertaining your need for an online presence. It deals with all the available options you can choose from while preserving the existing business model or slightly tweak it.

It deals with the entire concept of visual online branding, marketing, manpower, training, online sustainability and assessing the return on investment of creating such a web presence. Web design consultancy has everything to do with all these factors and will help you to make the decision of taking your business online or not. Examining these factors in detail:

a. Visual branding and web design consultancy

Branding your web presence in a manner so that it matches the existing branding offline is very important. This will help brand recall when your customers or prospects look for you online. Web design consultancy in this respect deals with bringing technology to the table in order to digitize your visual assets, optimize and create the right effect. While analyzing on the methodology, the overall brand strategy and business policy should also be taken into consideration. You can also see this as an opportunity to rebrand your business. In which case, you will need to go to work on an entirely new design and align the traditional with the online one.

Takeaways: Consistent branding online and offline, opportunity to rebrand.

b. Marketing

Internet marketing is very different from traditional marketing and is inexpensive too. The best advantage that it offers is that it completely scalable and comes with all the requisite analytics. The opportunities and challenges it offers are tremendous and futuristic. As you may already know, the online business space is expanding exponentially and if you are looking forward to a piece of the pie, it is important that you understand and act on it. However, you will need to take a decision on a marketing budget and freeze it for a certain period. The understanding is that your online presence is a new sales funnel and if you do not market it, there is no reason to have it. You can also outsource the entire marketing to one of the renowned internet marketing services in the market.

Takeaways: Analytical marketing, new sales funnel, outsource marketing.

c. Hire Manpower or use a web design consultancy

Having internet-savvy manpower, even with a minimal head count will become mandatory once you go online. This will be an added cost to you initially unless you choose to outsource the activities involved. You should have a budget for this too, though it will take a while to pay off. Alternatively, you can outsource the maintenance aspects to a good web design consultancy of your choosing.

Takeaways: Hire manpower, option to outsource maintenance.

d. Training

IT and internet is an ever-changing niche and, your manpower would need to be on their toes with the latest in internet technologies and techniques to enhance and ensure that your online presence brings a return on investment. It is important to have budgets for training your manpower from time to time. If you are looking at saving money, you can hire one of internet marketing consultants to do the needful. Though marketers, they are adept at using the latest in technology to a business advantage.

Takeaways: Need to train continuously, hire consultants for training.

e. Online Sustainability

Many online businesses make the mistake of creating a web presence and leaving it at that. This is like a dead sales funnel which will do you more harm than good. If a customer finds your static website time and again without changes, he will not have a good idea about your business. You might as well bring it down and get done with it. If you are looking at your online presence as sales funnel, you will need to look at sustainability too. A web design consultancy can bring in expertise to advise you on online sustainability.

Takeaways: have a marketing strategy; ensure a future plan for sustainability.

All the above points are worth considering and giving a deep thought to because creating an online presence is not only a matter of technical expertise and budget but it is also a cog in the wheel of your business policy. The reason why you chose to create a website should be to get some tangible or intangible benefits out of it that affect your business directly. How best to create it and market it is a matter of expertise.

It is best if you can hire the services of a technologically competent, professional web design and development agency. They can help you to understand the gravity of the task as well as advise you on the best technology and platforms to choose in addition to developing a cutting-edge web presence for your business. If you are looking to hire a technical team and get the job done, it is ill-advised since you will need to have some idea of what is involved to ensure that you are hiring the right people. Though it is no rocket—science, you will learn with time and experience, which in our opinion is the best foot forward.

Creating a pre-development consultancy document or the feasibility report is not an easy task. You will need experts in marketing, policy, technology, and HR to create one. Talk to us today for help on web design consultancy, development or marketing. We can help you create the document in close discussion with the help of our consultants.