How can a Web Development Consultancy help achieve better results?

Web development consultancy is the discussion that flies between the development team and the website owner which is aimed at ironing out any differences that may be encountered during the development process. The difference could be as minor as the background color or as critical as the logic of sub process not working as it should. This is a continuous process and it best addressed between two people representing both sides of the table. Extreme people involvement could make the difference fly off the tangent and create confusion.

Let us look at the composition of teams before we get to the differences:

Client Team: A client team could comprise of one or two heads looking after the development process, usually from lower to mid management reporting to a manager. The manager, in turn, would be reporting in and getting feedback from the management level. The advantage here is that everything is documented in not so technical terms, but explained in relation to the business process being dealt with.  The disadvantage is that the interpretation of the query/correction may change due to three levels of understanding.

Development Team: A development team usually comprises of a project head that delegates design, development and processes to competent teams depending on their strengths and weaknesses. The advantage is that he is prone to get the best in terms of technology and integration. The disadvantage is that the niche knowledge for the required business process could be found wanting across the entire team.

Web design and development or for that matter even open source development is not an easy task as most marketers make it sound. The process is not only about automating a business process, it is also about design, user experience, seamless navigation, marketability of the code and many other factors that contribute to its success. So, if someone is promising to create a website at the lowest cost, you can be rest-assured that it will be just an activity to complete the task to do the job.

Conversely, when some web development consultancy keeps discussing with you about your customer profiles, product niche, industry and small, small other things that usually are a part of management consultancy, don’t refrain from providing the information. This means that the development team is interested in building the best solution for you which will be futuristic as well as showcase your business in the correct light.

Of course, no one is you and will not get it “right” in the first shot. There will be some rough edges which will need some polishing. Going ahead let us how to choose the right web development consultant:

  1. Look for value, not for execution or processes: All development code needs to be executable and should work correctly. However, that is not where it ends. It should do so in an aesthetic manner which appeals to customers as well as prospects. For example, buying a Coca-Cola from a vending machine is quite different from buying it from a family-owned store. There is lot more personal touch to it and a lot more value.
  2. A curious web design consultancy: A web design consultancy should add value to your development process by taking a step further. While choosing, ensure that you provide all information requested for, so that it can help you brand your business better.
  3. Price considerations: Of course, the price is an important factor. However, it is not the only important factor. Keeping the frozen development plans aside, think about the value you will get for a price. You will get variable quotes for development. Assess them on what they are offering for a particular amount of money instead of the lowest price offered. If the best value proposition sits in your budget, it is time to have a discussion with the web development consultancy in detail and get ahead. Look at getting the best value for money.
  4. Technical expertise: Web technology changes quite frequently and it is important to assess any web development consultancy on the basis of its technical expertise. If you have the technology for your website pre-planned it is always good to check their expertise and ask for their portfolio. If you are technology-challenged, you can ask them for advice and compare the suggestions received before deciding.
  5. Making the right choice: As we discussed above, you are yourself and no one can think like you. As much as a developer can innovate or imagine, he will not be able to have the same idea about the website as you – design perspective or user experience perspective. Make sure you explain yourself lucidly and ensure that the web design consultancy understands what you are looking for. If there is a gap, there will be a mighty lot of iterations to take care of which could spiral your costs.

The above being said, if you have already spoken to a web design consultancy, take the knowledge you gained out of the discussion and raise your doubts and points with the next one you speak to. It is a process of continuous evolution and the more you evolve the better product you will create.

We are a web development consultancy and offer internet marketing services being in the industry for a very long time. Our niche exposure is quite varied and we ideate on every project we take on bringing on our long experience into play. We can assure you that we will do our best in every project we undertake irrespective of the budget you may have. Talk to us today about our ethics, mission, and values before you decide on a web design consultancy.