Web Development

In addition to being an online marketing agency, we also offer CMS and custom web development (customization) services as a vertical integration option. Most of our work is cutting edge as this website itself, while many others include a digital marketing blog (Learn Digital Marketing), awesome content websites (Content Opus), dynamic news websites (Indian Voice) and industry websites (BPM Synergy) and more. We work with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle and many other open-source platforms to adapt them for your use. Time-saving and resource-saving, CMS customization is the way to go unless you are hell-bent on a custom website.

For more, talk to us about our web development and customization services.

eCommerce Development

Our eCommerce development team is probably the best on this side of the world. With scores of custom built portals with integrated payment gateways maintained, we can proudly say, we are THE team for you since we have the expert-eye for detail and understand customer behavior better based on real experience. We have good expertise in customizing popular open-source eCommerce platforms like OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce (WordPress platform), VirtualMart (Joomla platform), ZenCart and many others. If you are thinking in terms of online business, we are your team. Our work includes MarkMaple, Radix Nutritive and HandWorks in addition to much more.

For more, please drop an email with the niche and outlined requirement. As an online marketing agency, we will be happy to extend our eCommerce development services for your business.

Online Marketing Agency Services

Being an online marketing agency for more than a decade, we have aggregated some rare insights into search engine behavior and the current needs of relevant and niche visitors. We understand each audience is unique and is to be dealt in a different manner, depending on the niche and the market being addressed. In a stark difference with the regular SEO experts, their procedures and so-called online marketing gurus that rule the roost, we can promise better results on the ground. This is due to our understanding that each website is different and so is the audience it addresses. We have formidable expertise in content development and research analytics that help us drive our strategies in a unique result-oriented manner.

As an online marketing agency, detailed strategy and execution becomes our forte, talk to us today to make the most of our online marketing experience.