RIP SEO, Time to end the much debated practice

February 6, 2017 Anil Kumar No comments exist

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Yes, Rest In Peace, SEO has been an abundant practice for many small businesses who have been in the dark ages and probably will stay there. After spending over 13 years in the digital marketing industry, I have always advocated against the practice and got no takers for a long time.


It has dawned on me long ago that trying to “game the algorithm” that Google or any other search engine follows, cannot be an ethical one. However, many businesses have poured money into the burning pot through “SEO Providers” and have got no long-term results to show. I do not see, how a business can succeed online by spamming the search engines.


The fun part of this entire journey for me was to see people building millions of links and then bringing them down again. In both the practices, the client had to pay from his nose. Because every SEO provider passed the buck to each other or blamed Google. What they did not realize was that Google was well within its rights to protect its intellectual property by updating it time and again.


Another funny aspect of the SEO business is that every provider has the same strategy for every client. Write articles, post to article directories, have as many hyperlinks in them as possible, post the links on social media. There has been no fundamental understanding of the client’s business, the audience for the product or service and of course, there was no branding at all.


The war that Google waged through its Panda, Penguin and other updates ended up in cleaning the rubbish and made it an enemy of the SEO community. However, through its 600 [approx.] updates from 2006 to the latest Intrusive Interstitial Penalty on 10th January 2017, the company has not only set the market straight but also continued its foray into the mobile search ecosystem. It has also ensured that the pleasurable experience of Google search on any device has remained as consistent as ever.


Google always said “Content is King” and “Write for the customer”, the SEO industry instead tried analyzing how the indexing algorithm is implemented and tried to get around the system. They got punished and rightfully so. Google will index your website, yes, in the right place where you belong.


So, what is the way ahead?

a. Build your website and ensure that it is index-able by search engine bots. Ensure that it is technically sound.

b. Build your social media assets.

c. Build a rapport with branding and PR.

d. Build your content – concise or comprehensive is a matter of decision, needless to say comprehensive content builds authority, and authority builds organic rankings.

Building a business is not about bringing another business down, it is about creativity, hard work, disruption and of course perseverance.


Optimize your business for growth and not for search engines.


The author has an entrepreneurial experience of over 24 years of which 13 have been spent in Digital Marketing is CEO & Disruptive Digital Marketer @eTraDeX, Founder & Chief Mentor @ Startup Essentials.

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