You may have the most beautiful website in the world with a great product, UX, and awesome navigation. You have hired the best digital marketing agency possible, and paying them the best! They are doing their best. Still the results are just a trickle. Why?


Is your website search engine ready?

Just because your website does not throw errors during use does not mean that it is ready to bring in organic business. If your search engine indexing parameters are not set right, your best organic marketing efforts will not generate the requisite results.

Your FINMIN is yelling about your marketing budgets and you know that the internet is THE happening realm to market your business.

Did you ever think about auditing your website w.r.t search engine indices?


Possible, that your agency checked and said “All is Well”, and you just tapped your heart!

They are a marketing agency that executes a set of tasks and a deep-dive web site indexability audit is not one of their core competencies. They only check the navigation, usability and Meta tags before they pronounce you are marketing-ready. That is superficial.


Possibly the cause for FAT payouts and SLIM results!


Now that you understand the importance of a website audit, let us see how big a hole it could blow in your pocket.


A professional deep-dive search engine metric audit for a simple website will cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000. Yes, you read that right!


How about getting that done for less that $15?


As a 13th anniversary giveaway, we are offering a deep-dive organic search engine indexability audit for just INR 1000.00

Get it done today.


Fix the issues and you could still convince your FINMIN with result-driven conviction to raise your online marketing budgets.

Sample Indexability Test Reports

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