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Social media marketing is an integral part of internet marketing and it is critical that you chalk out the right strategy for your product or service. You can use a good marketing consultancy to help you chalk out the right path.

In this post let us analyze the ways to post on social media to get the best results.

Some people on FaceBook get a flurry of comments and likes for everything they post.


No picture, no photo or video and still it got multiple comments and likes within the hour.

The secret: His community on FaceBook is drawn to him because he ensures that he cares about people continuously. So, the community responds in kind.

On LinkedIn, such a flurry happens when you put up some innovative advice only if you keep helping people running their businesses by recommending products, services or people.

a. Speak to a friend, not to a bot!

A Facebook community can detect sales or marketing pitches and insincerity of it in a second, and pass over the post. Of all social media platforms, you have more chance of getting sales after establishing a good track record using its trust-building touch-points.

It is not a place for immediate sale; in fact, it is a platform that fosters relationships and builds rapport. So, the posts should be written as though talking to a friend while keeping business on the horizon.

On LinkedIn, change the tone as though you are speaking to a professional.

 b. Weave fun with theme and brand

If you have seen the "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" campaign, you can see how a brand has leveraged a global theme (peace) and tied to the product.

Talk to your FaceBook community as though they are your friends; however, keep the conversation on the correct trail. As you may already know, the process of a sale is a journey which begins with the contact and progresses through relationship building to evolve into a transaction, and it certainly does not end there.

The post should evoke some fun and light-heartedness and should not have a business intent or a blatant sales message. Remember, people come to FaceBook to relieve their stress and have fun with friends.

Bind your business to such messages, indirectly.

Too much light-heartedness on LinkedIn may not work; people will not take you seriously. Plan and keep it professional.

c. People don’t eat cabbage soup everyday

The human brain processes images at a billion times faster than text. Experiment with only image posts, only text posts or combination posts. Whatever works, focus on that and create your brand story accordingly.

Don't be redundant.

For example, contest posts give your community an opportunity to click through. Have a fun contest. If you are blatantly selling logo design, it will not work. Hold a logo design content with as little as $200 as prize money. Your community will click, try and create a logo, not only for the prize but also for the sense of competitiveness and participation.

It will also create a market where they will look upon logos they use, probably for their own business, and possibly get one made by you to change. You are in business.

Do not post like a robot. You will only be putting your community to sleep.

Give your audience what they want and they will want more and you will be getting the sales you want.

On LinkedIn, people need help with running their businesses, so stick to that give some advice on how or why should they use a service or product or how something can enhance their profession or business.

d. Shake well before use

Scandals, conspiracy theories, controversies, politics, celebrities and anything that you can think of to shake the community awake is welcome. Tie it to your product or service one way or the other and you can leverage a lot of likes and comments, which could essentially convert to business.

The more important part is that such posts will bring in more followers and it could go viral.

On LinkedIn keep such theories limited to your niche and share. Be specific to your industry and don’t venture out too much.

 e. Get your audience right

Your success on FaceBook or LinkedIn is not measured in likes or comments. It is measured in how many customers or prospects you reach. For example, if you are selling logo design, you could get three kinds of audience – competition that checks what you do, people who generally like graphics or design and people who need your services.

All are welcome due to the reach it creates, however the third kind are most important for you. So assess your service and post in such a way that you reach the right audience, not just anyone or everyone.

On LinkedIn, ensure that all comments are replied to in a polite manner.

All in all, you must make sure that your social media marketing is spot-on to get the right results. Talk to us today with your objectives and expectations from the social media platforms and we will be glad to help you with the right strategy and help as required. We also create internet marketing strategies and execute them for many clients across the globe.

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

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Anil Kumar
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