Web development - Strategic planning is crucial to any web design and development process. It is more so in the case of a custom development process since the inter-dependencies are too many to change later. Plans in the mind are full of clutter and chaos and they need to be put on paper to create a feasible development plan with proper time-lines. We would need to understand your business processes to build the core before begin thinking about user experience. Spending more time with us will help build a better web presence that will help augment your bottom-lines.



CMS Development - Content Management Systems are ruling the roost and most web developers are cutting costs by using open-source CMS for customization and development. Evidently, "Content is King" and the all-critical fodder for search engines to find your website and rank it at the top. Using a CMS for web design and development saves your time and money. It is like ordering a MacD instead of cooking dinner, of course, the customization options on a MacD are limited, compared to what you might cook. We are adept at using and customising WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Magento or Joomla, that can be chosen as per your business needs. To be precise, this website is built on a CMS.

eCommerce development -  eCommerce has taken the internet by storm and every business that sells a product or service wants to get on the bandwagon. The reach and simplicity of eCommerce can showcase your products at every corner of the world at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional business or marketing model. This could translate into a huge business if you create the right online store and market it. eCommerce needs to have a clear plan. We are adept at eCommerce web design and development using Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or Zencart. Talk to us today.



Custom Development -  Every business is unique, however, the ways of doing business could be quite similar. In case you are a startup or a business that is quite unique, an exquisite or a custom website is the call of the day. Your kind of website has never been built before, so it will be customised to cater to your unique business and needs and will address a unique customer base. We would highly recommend building a custom website, right from scratch using PHP/MySQL, .NET, Ajax, Java, RoR or any of the latest web design and development technologies to give you the edge.

Post-development Services - Now that you have a stunning website ready to conquer the world, there would be small tweaks and adjustments, you may want to make. Once they are sorted out, the next step is to let your prospects and customers know, create awareness and begin showcasing/ marketing it with zeal and focus. Are you up to the task? Another aspect of the web design and development process is that you need to make regular changes in content, terms of business and any other you may need. Talk to us about maintenance and creating and executing a workable white-hat marketing strategy that could bring in regular business. Also, using effective internet marketing services, you can showcase it to the world and rope in more business.